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Like any other kitchen appliance, a blender ought to be easy to use, clean up, take up less space on a shelf or counter top, be fun to use and also be affordable.

Welcome to the best kitchen blender reviews on the web.

Here you'll find:

Product reviews for: Oster, Kitchen Aid, Breville, Dualit, Hamilton Beach and more.

Information that is easy-to-follow, and complete; covering hand-blenders and also counter top models.

We go over all the blenders and take the time to slice, dice, and puree all the information to make it easy and smooth... like your favorite banana shake!

When you invest in an appliance, you need to know that it is right for you. We help gather this information, saving you time and money.

Do you really need so much information?

Of course. After all, a kitchen blender, be it for smoothies, or banana shakes, is an investment. Like any other investment, you want to make sure you make the right kind.

How to decide what brand or style of blender to choose?

Counter top or hand held?

What purposes will it serve?

What brand best suits your life style?

What color?

Does it blend nicely?

We help you with all of these questions and more.

Some people think that all kitchen blenders are the same, only to find that they bought one without enough capacity to suit their needs. Or doesn't have the type or quality of blades necessary. Or they picked a low quality blender that barely functions at all.

There are many choices for blending and you want pros to take the guess work out of selecting your ideal blender.

You will find our reviews of major brands unbiased, based on research, experience, and reflecting the quality both of product and support services.

You won't break the bank when buying your kitchen blender. Just because a model is the most expensive does not mean you need it. And just because it is priced low doesn't mean it is of poor quality. Your blender choice should depend upon your needs and desires.

After all, it's your kitchen. You need all the information so you can decide if it's Kitchen Aid, Hamilton, Oster, or any other brand that suits your needs best.

Here are some of the important elements to consider in any blender guide before you make a final choice.

1. Glass and/or BPA-free blending chambers will be more durable and won't get stained or scratched

2. For adequate blending power, look for a model with a minimum of 350 watts of power

3. For easier cleaning, buy a blender that has removable blades so you can wipe them dry so they don't rust

4. Choosing from a range of blending speeds with a pulse mode, ensures regulation of the food's consistency (smooth or chunky )

5. A secure lid that closes and opens easily mid-blend, makes your cooking experience more pleasant and easy

6. Test for the base having enough friction with the counter so that it won't slip and slide during a high-power blend

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